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Foothills Food Bank seeks volunteer drivers

The Foothills Food Bank & Resource Center is in need of volunteer drivers to pick-up and drop off food and related items for the food bank. Because requests for food assistance have intensified, van drivers are […]

WATCH: Fox News covers the Foothills Food Bank’s ‘Greens R Great’ program

Hello Friends of the Foothills Food Bank –

Our friends over at Fox 10 (KSAZ) in Phoenix joined us at the Foothills Food Bank to talk about our growing ‘Greens R Great’ program, which seeks to […]

Garden in a Pot program – Update

Hello friends of the Foothills Food Bank,

One of our spectacular volunteers at the Foothills Food Bank, Tana Barther, has been instrumental in leading a team through the steps necessary to get our Garden in a […]

It’s Arizona Gives Day! Will you donate?


Hello, Friends of the Foothills Food Bank –

Today is the annual Arizona Gives Day! It’s a statewide event that brings attention to and raises funds for […]

Greens ‘R’ Great! garden underway

Hello friends of the Foothills Food Bank,

We have been working on developing a garden, adjacent to our Cave Creek facility, that will provide fresh produce for our clients. Through our ‘Greens ‘R’ Great!’ program, we […]

Happy New Year!

We want to wish all our clients, volunteers, donors, Board members, Executive Director and everyone who supports the wonderful service of the Foothills Food Bank for a great 2014. All our hopes that 2015 […]

Greens ‘R’ Great Success

We received this photo from one of the 27 people who took home a potted plant over the summer and fall. Looks like someone has a green thumb!!!!


Tax Credit Donation to Food Bank

It is never too early or late to be thinking about giving, especially when your donation comes back to you 100-fold.  Show your support for the Foothills Food Bank AND reduce your Arizona tax bill […]