Our Wish List

Every Month We Publish a List of Items That Our Community Is In The Most Need Of.

Items We ALWAYS Need

Canned Food
Dry Food
Tooth Paste
Toilet Paper
Bars Of Soap


If you are in need and reside in the area served by the Foothills Food Bank....

We Are Ready To Help YOU!

Come right in our front door and speak to the volunteer at the reception desk on the right side of the lobby.

Whats Going On?

Our Calendar is ALWAYS Changing As Opportunities Arise In Our Community

We Are Busy!

We Are Blessed To Have Many Groups Helping Us, See What Fund Raiser is Coming Up!

Now serving “Gluten Free” options!

The Foothills Food Bank now has limited supplies of gluten-free food items for clients who cannot consume foods which contain gluten. If you fall […]