Our Services & Programs

We address hunger head-on

Our efforts focus on the immediate distribution of food while simultaneously working on long-term strategies to address hunger and empower neighbors in need.

If You Need Our Services, Please Visit, Call or Email us

If you are in need and reside in the area served by the Foothills Food Bank, you are welcome to come by and visit to learn about our services and how to receive help. We have many volunteers willing to serve you.  Come right in our front door and speak to the volunteer at the reception desk.

Some people that might be in need do not contact us or they do not know how. Therefore, sometimes a close friend or a member of their family may convince them to seek assistance from the Foothills Food Bank and other organizations by sharing our phone number and business address. If you know someone who could use our help, please bring them too.

We are here to help when and if you need it, please don’t hesitate to seek us out. That is what we are here for!!!!!     

please contact us: locations, hours, phone and email

Below is a comprehensive list of the many services the Foothills Food Bank provides for our local community.


This is our primary resource for our registered clients who live in our designated area.  Clients can receive the following types of groceries:

30 Day or Monthly Food

  • Once per month
  • 30 lbs. of food per person in household for 3 days
  • $64 value
  • Included is a variety of meats, soups, cereals, pasta and sauce, baked goods, detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, water, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, pet food when needed, and personal items when available.

7 Day Food

  • Once a week our clients can visit and obtain fruits and vegetables, bread and baked goods, any snack and soup items available, baby food and wipes, and any surplus we have. This will help stretch the week for each household.


Care Club is an additional resource put in place to assist in-need households with purchasing groceries. The Foothills Food Bank provides groceries at a discounted rate to those participating in the program to receive extra food monthly.

Care Club takes place from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and 5:30 to 8:00 pm the third Thursday of each month.

If you are interested in participating in Care Club and are a registered client, please call the Food Bank at (480) 488-1145 to pre-order.


The Foothills Food Bank now provides a limited supply of gluten-free food for those who are gluten-intolerant in our community. If you stop by the food bank and feel you would benefit from this option, please let us know!


The Foothills Food Bank has partnered with Foothills Caring Corps to supply food to our home-bound clients.  The Food Bank provides the food and packaging, being sensitive to certain dietary needs. Foothills Caring Corps delivers the packages.


We have teamed up with VCA Charities for Pets, Chuck Waggin’ Pet Food Pantry and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. to provide limited amounts of pet food for dogs and cats. The goal is to keep pets with their families, as pets are often given up in times of financial strain. Clients with pets may request pet food on their Monthly Food request.


We have also teamed up with VCA Animal Hospital, Zoetis and Merial, who offer free shots, spay and neutering several times a year.  Please contact the Food Bank for the next opportunity to take care of your pet.


The Food Bank is embarking on an expansion of existing programs to include mentoring clients through the sometimes difficult process involved in moving forward. Forms that need filling out are often voluminous and over whelming.

We will help clients understand where to go and how to ask for things like disability assistance, insurance, or food stamps, or how to establish a working budget.


We provide financial assistance to individuals and families in the foothills area that are in a crisis situation.  This assistance will help with everyday essentials such as:  utility bills, gasoline and automotive repairs, clothing, pharmacy needs, laundry and shower passes, and more.


There are children who benefit from the free and reduced lunch program in our public schools, but who are left without enough food on days they don’t attend school. The Snack Pack program aims to provide preschool, grade school and high school children with food items to take home with them over the weekends. The Snack Pack Program assists over 200 children.

We service CCUSD, DVUSD within the Anthem area and Black Canyon City School District (one school).


In partnership with Maricopa County, we review the clients needs and set up an appointment with a Maricopa County agent who will discuss options for the client to receive assistance with their utility bills.

This happens approximately once a quarter (four times / year).


The Food Bank has the ability to aid our clients in filing for food stamps.  The process and forms are not easy to complete and we will walk you through the application, helping you to fill it out properly and prevent any issues.

The SNAP program has helped over 350 people.


The Food Bank makes every attempt to use anything and everything that comes in. We receive daily donations from grocery stores of their excess food, so it does not go to waste and volunteers pick up food from those stores ever